Representatives Ocasio-Cortez and Omar Leaving Congress to Pursue Twitch Careers

After an incredibly popular streaming debut playing Among Us, the congresswomen are ditching their political careers to partner with Twitch.

Raking in hundreds of millions of views in one night, the pair were an unstoppable tag team of deception and entertainment, capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide. Even the white supremacists, Russian infiltrators, and bots who came to sow discord in the stream chats were too enthralled to spread racism and disinformation. Omar was the first to suggest a career change, after several successful rounds as the impostor, with Ocasio-Cortez quick to echo the idea. The chats on their respective streams, already impossible to keep up with, exploded with support and enthusiasm.

The question now is when will the two start their new gigs? Both won their primaries earlier this year and are up for re-election in November, creating a conflict for the districts they represent. Given the sponsorship deal already flying in, it's likely the reps will drop out of their races and start streaming full-time before the end of the year. Fox News host and not-at-all-racist man-child, Tucker Carlson, is purportedly in talks to terminate his contract with the network early and launch his own Twitch channel, dedicated to criticizing AOC and Omar's streams.

Hopefully we'll see the two play some other titles as well as bring in guests like the other members of The Squad, Representatives Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. Rumors of The Squad starting their own Esports league have yet to be confirmed.

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