Analogue Pocket Sells Out Immediately, Creating New Market for Carl's Knockoff Tablet ROMs

The highly-anticipated Analogue Pocket sold out within 15 minutes the day pre-orders became available, but all is not lost for those seeking nostalgic portable gaming.

Carl is not a man who spends money on anything he can make himself. Sure, the homemade microwave makes his nose bleed and his wife left him after the incident with the vacuum cleaner, but some of the projects have turn out just fine, like the vape kazoo he sold to some teens down the street. Now everyone is up in arms over this Pocket thing that lets them play games on the go. Smells like a new sales opportunity.

“What you do,” Carl explains, “is go to the Amazon and look for the cheapest tablet deals. There's always something on sale. Heck, you can even check the dumpster behind your local electronics shop and find all the older models they've thrown out. That's free money right there! Tossed right in the garbage!”

He shows off his latest prototype, a third-gen Asus tablet that is no longer compatible with any apps. “I got this one on eBay for $3.25. What a steal! It even uses micro USB which is great because I got a box full of those. You plug this little tablet into your computer and download all the Game Boys you want. $200 for a pocket? No way. Get yourself a Carl's Tab for only $65. Buy two and I'll even throw in free shipping!”

The Carl's Tab is available by sending a direct message to Carl on Facebook. He has no website as “paying for a domain is a scam!” Carl cannot guarantee any models of the Tab will be the same, but promises “a replacement for only forty bucks if it doesn't work.”

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