Streamer Accidentally Finishes Resident Evil 3 Without Touching Controller

In a devastating blow to xJillSandwichX and her fans, a long-awaited stream of Resident Evil 3 was completed on its own during a snack break.

After months of anticipation, Lucy Worcheck - aka xJillSandwichX on Mixer - was ready to stream her playthrough of the Resident Evil 3 remake for her adoring fans. Tragedy struck when she set down her controller to go make a snack in the other room before starting the game. In her rush to get to the kitchen before the scheduled start time, the controller was knocked off the table to the carpeted floor, unheard by the famished streamer.

As Worcheck prepared English muffin pizzas, her fans watched in horror as the face-down controller went through the menu and started the game, speeding Jill Valentine along with reckless abandon. By the time the little pizzas were in the oven, Carlos was looking for a cure to save Jill. As Worcheck burned the roof of her mouth on the first bite and walked back to her computer, the credits were rolling. When asked about what they witnessed in those final moments, viewers all reported the same: cries of agony from Worcheck as she dropped her plate and the game returned to the main menu, the controller trying to initiate a second playthrough.

The controller in question has been awarded for completing the fastest American run of the RE 3 remake. Worcheck retired from the streaming community soon after and has declined to comment.

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