E3 Canceled Due to Half-Life: Alyx

Though the release is only two weeks away, the Entertainment Software Association has decided everyone will still be too busy playing Half-Life: Alyx to attend this year’s E3.

“Between hype for the game and delay with ordering VR headsets, there’s simply no way we’re going to sell tickets to E3 2020,” explains ESA Chief Financial Officer, Brandy McKinnon. “Sure, the event is months away, but we’ll all still be so immersed in Alyx that leaving the house for anything at all won’t even be a consideration.”

The decision to cancel has been praised by key developers in the industry, most of whom were already on the fence about attending. “I was so worried I’d have to make the call for my team,” wrote one Dice developer on the E3 Reddit page. “Like, none of us wanted to go but I still felt bad about telling the ESA we’d be busy. Now we can focus on Half-Life and not worry about putting together a presentation that looks like it’s live but is actually pre-recorded.”

Asked if concerns about COVID-19 played a role in the decision to cancel, McKinnon stated, “Everyone who attends E3 gets sick every year anway. You pack that many people into a stadium for days and all kinds of nasty bugs are going to spread, so no, none of us give a shit about Coronavirus; we just want to play Half-Life.”

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