NPC Gets Caught on Terrain During Last Leg of Escort Mission

After six restarts you’re finally coming to the end of this escort mission and you kept them alive this time aaaaand they’re stuck on a rock…

Fucking hell. You have to do this whole thing over AGAIN? Bad enough this dumb idiot kept running into the line of fire and getting killed despite your best efforts to begrudingly keep them alive, but now they’re stuck right at the end? You’re so close you can taste the goddamn objective marker but this worthless NPC is running in place because there’s an easily-traversable rock in the way. Let’s examine this.

Oh, of course, your character doesn’t even interact with the rock. All of the other NPCs walking by go right through it like you do. Is the NPC you’re escorting the only one affected by this rock? Was it put here on purpose for this mission, the sick machination of a developer who hates escort missions and wanted the player to suffer as they did while designing this? Or did QA simply not report this guaranteed aneurysm because they walked off the job in escort mission protest?

Perhaps if you go get a snack and come back they’ll clip through the rock and you can at last put an end to this nightmare. No, wait, they got over the rock and now they’re...sinking into the ground. Awesome.


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