Another Thankless Year for the Guy Putting Ammo in Weird Places

Despite his tireless efforts, Glen will be ending 2019 the same as every other - unnoticed and unappreciated by video game protagonists scooping up the ammo he left in unexpected places for them.

Ever been in a heated gunfight only to run out of ammo for your most effective weapon while the enemies close in? Remember the part where you checked a nearby dumpster and found a full clip of exactly what you needed? That was Glen.

What about that time you were furiously breaking boxes on our way to a boss battle you weren’t prepared for? Those shotgun shells you found in the last box? That was Glen, son.

All those places you find ammo where it has no business living, your boy Glen is responsible. Does he get any fucking gratitude? Not even a little. But you know what? He keeps stocking every nondescript container he finds because while you may be an ungrateful piece of shit, Glen is a star.

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