Sexual Abusers Somehow Prevalent in Games Industry Rife with Uncaring Fans

To the surprise of no women anywhere, the games industry - like every other industry - is chock-full of harassers and abusers, though it’s totally, probably, definitely only a recent development.

Gamers were shocked this week to see their news feeds featuring articles that weren’t strictly about games - something journalists should know by now is totally unprofessional and defies the ethics we established long ago. Audacity of their presence aside, these bullshit SJW pieces covered not simply the assault, harassment, and fear that women in the games industry dealt and continue to deal with, but also highlight the lack of support and response from management, HR, and everyone else who can put a stop to these incidents that are most certainly fabricated. It’s well-known that nothing makes you more money and completely stops harassment like naming your abusers and sharing the traumas they inflicted, so these stories should surely be treated as exactly that.

For gamers everywhere the politics never stop; one day it’s calls for a popular game to remove offensive, harmful trans and homophobic content and the next it’s revelations of industry-wide sexual abuse. What about the frustrated gamers who don’t care about any of that nonsense? Why isn’t anyone thinking about them? Just give them games and stop worrying about feelings and supposed rapes that can’t be proven because the victim didn’t think to ask their rapist for a timeout so they could record the event as evidence for the all the men in the world who refuse to accept that sexual assault is a regular occurance.

Fucking virtue-signaling SJWs ruining the games industry, yo.

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