Women in Games Journalism Excited for Fresh Wave of Harassment After ESA Leaks Personal Info

Bored with the typical, daily rape and death threats for daring to speak about games while wielding a vagina, women in the games industry are gearing up for an exciting new wave of harassment after the Entertainment Software Association leaked everyone’s shit.

This past Saturday, journalists in the games industry awoke to the fresh hell of having their contact info and addresses posted in a spreadsheet on the E3 website for anyone and everyone to access. The ESA slapped a “Do Not Touch” sign on the link but for some reason people chose to ignore it and download the file anyway. At that point the ESA shrugged and fucked off, leaving those affected to coordinate with each other on attorneys and next steps. Despite all the confusion and frustration there has been one silver lining which is the promise of stalking and more dangerous harassment for the women in the games industry.

The trolls and incels who may have otherwise relegated their vitriol to social media now have the phone numbers and addresses for the women who they hate but are also sexually obsessed with. How exciting things will be for those women, now afraid to go outside instead of simply sighing and muting users on Twitter all day, spending countless hours changing their phone numbers and updating family, friends, and accounts instead of simply reporting online death threats that don’t get taken seriously by social media conglomerates. The world is their oyster - an oyster filled with police reports, moving trucks, closed curtains on all the windows, and constant, unsolicited, abusive communication.

Thanks, ESA, for doing your part to make sure women feel less safe in an industry in which they already feel unwelcome.

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