Summer Games Done Quick Ends in Tragedy After Popular Streamer Speedruns Into Unknown Dimension

The hearts of gamers everywhere are broken today after famous Twitch streamer, BucketSoda, speedran Sneak King too speedily, ripping a hole in spacetime and warping into an undiscovered dimension.

Sneak King, the 2006 record-smashing Xbox hit from Burger King, has always been a favorite title of Matthew Yolock - aka BucketSoda - so it was a logical choice as his speedrun game of choice for SGDQ. Having speedrun the game so many times before, no one could have predicted the horrific events that would take place. Readers uncomfortable with graphic descriptions may want to stop reading here.

Shit was crazy. One minute BucketSoda was delivering burgers left and right, speeds never before seen, a god amongst mortals. BAM. Next thing you know a vortex forms behind him, so strong it could be seen on camera. BucketSoda just started screaming. Before you could blink his posters came flying off the walls, then his windows shattered, then his clothes were yanked right off, all sucked into the ever-expanding void.

As his screams reached a higher pitch the swirling chaos behind surpassed in volume with its own ferocity, drowning him out completely. Amidst all of this the chat was exploding with reactionary GIFs and users questioning the reality of what they were witnessing. Many decried the whole event as fake… until BucketSoda’s skin was ripped from his body and sucked into the gaping maw of speedrun oblivion.

With its largest organ gone, BucketSoda’s body shut down, went limp, and was pulled into the unknown with everything else. The stream was cut. The users were in shock. The donations were flowing in. Sneak King had lost its last fan. It was time to find a new streamer to watch for the rest of SGDQ.

RIP BucketSoda.

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