John Wick 4 to Take Place Entirely Within Cyberpunk 2077

After an underwhelming trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 - which, like, only a few dozen people are hyped for - Keanu Reeves took the stage to promote his next family film, John Wick 4.

The fourth entry in the wholesome series will take place entirely within CD Projekt Red’s upcoming futuristic community-building simulator, Cyberpunk 2077, and will feature Reeves reprising his role as the titular Mr. Wick. While no developer has before been ambitious enough to stick an entire move into a game, many fans have already taken to social media to express their excitement for the project. They, presumably like Reeves and CD Projekt Red, believe these two universes will work perfectly together as Cyberpunk is about bringing people together and John Wick is about dogs. What would a community be without dogs, after all?

“My character will help you find all the best dogs in the Cyberpunk world,” Reeves explained. “Not that there are any bad dogs, of course, but if you want the choicest pups you’ll want to team up with my character.”

Reports from Google show that after Reeves announced his role in the game, searches for ‘Cyberpunk release date’ and ‘Cyberpunk pre-order’, which before had been non-existent, topped the engine’s most-searched terms the rest of the evening.This could be the boost that little-known Polish developer, CD Projekt Red, needs to get their games in the top-sellers lists. The John Wick series as well is likely to benefit after an initial three films that barely got any attention.

Well played, CD Projekt Red.

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