Ed Boon Clarifies That Obtaining All MK 11 Skins Requires Giving Up Your Chuck E. Cheese Tickets

Mortal Kombat co-creator, Ed Boon, took to Twitter this morning to respond to reports that obtaining all skins in the new game would require grinding for close to 4,000 hours or spending $6,440 of real money.

In a series of Tweets ranging from frantic to furious, Boon lashed out at the Reddit user who calculated the above totals, insisting that neither are accurate. “While there is a lot grinding involved to unlock skins,” he began one Tweet, “that shouldn’t be an issue if people stop playing other games and only play ours for the next year!” Another stated, “No one even does any research before posting this shit, anymore!!” which was followed by a string of emojis. Many of Boon’s Tweets contained only emojis which fans are still pouring over to try and decipher clues about the next game in the series.

It wasn’t until hours after the Twitter rants began that Boon finally elaborated on how players can unlock all the skins available for the game with the following thread:

Representatives for Chuck E. Cheese did not respond to requests for comment.

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