So Brave: Respawn Will Make You Don the Role of a White Male in Jedi: Fallen Order

Finally a developer who's willing to take on an industry saturated with games that let you create your own diverse characters.

As we all know, diversity in video games is simply pandering to the awful SJWs who want everyone to feel represented. Luckily Respawn is here to save the day with a character who represents the most underrepresented identity of all in the Star Wars universe – the white man. Step aside, custom characters that should be standard in every game now, we're gentrifying the galaxy.

Despite what countless surveys, conventions, tournaments, streaming channels, development teams, cosplayers, journalists, media personalities, podcasters, blogs, Reddit posts, and studies suggest, white dudes are the real gamers; it only makes sense for a large, successful development studio with tons of resources – operating under the umbrella of the largest publisher in the business – to skip out on letting players make their own characters. After all, it's not like there are a lot of races or genders in the Star Wars universe, let alone species.

Really though, Respawn, hats off to you for taking such a brave stance, standing up to the intolerant left with their diversity agenda and virtue signaling. Imagine how horrible the campaign would be if players were allowed to create their own characters! This is Star Wars, not a liberal arts college! What, we're just gonna let people play as black men or Asian women? They're the ones who ruined the new movies, not all the white guys who think Star Wars is their special, unique thing and expected them to be the same as the original trilogy but at the same time not derivative and also not have too many jokes even though the originals had tons of jokes.

Women?! Coloreds?! No, sir. #NotMyStarWars. White boys only, the way Star Wars is supposed to be. Thank you for doing the right thing, Respawn.

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