Bethesda Demands Return of Fallout 76 Bags That No One is Grateful For

Todd Howard spent weeks picking out a nice piece of canvas to falsely advertise, but not a single fan is showing appreciation for his hard work.

Still surprised that collector's editions don't live up to expectations, gamers have flocked to social media to lambaste Bethesda, ignoring the Marvel vs Capcom eggs and Master Chief cat helmet in the corner of their room. After a day of backlash, Howard has locked himself in his room, refusing to come out and continue working on The Elder Scrolls 6 until Fallout 76 players return their $200 trash bags and apologize for being ungrateful. “If they don't like it then I'll send it to bagless children in Africa!” the Bethesda exec can be heard screaming every so often, according to fellow employees at the development studio.

Fortunately for investors, Fallout 76, itself, is a roaring success, completely bug-free – the open world brimming with fascinating characters to interact with. Even with a fun, totally-not-broken game to play, people are hanging on to their rage and disappointment, especially after Howard's demand to return the bags. Some have started using the bag to clean the litter box while others have simply cast it into the sea in righteous fury. Most vocal about the situation has been Reddit's r/fallout community. Asked about how they'll handle Howard's demand, the subreddit responded, “We're aren't planning on doing anything about it.”

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