Grueling Working Conditions at Rockstar Shrugged Off by Public Too Excited for Next Game to Care

The mandatory 100-hour-minimum workweeks enforced for Red Dead Redemption 2 development were recently, unintentionally revealed by Rockstar co-founder, Dan Houser.

Houser, notorious for his support of physically-demanding, cheap labor, issued a follow-up of his initial statements a day after his interview with New York Magazine:

“I should clarify that the 100-hour workweeks are a required minimum at our company, not optional or rare like my interview made them sound. Here at Rockstar we have no tolerance for workers who simply do what's expected rather than going above and beyond a healthy level of physical output. Everyone keeps talking about how the size of Red Dead Redemption 2 is 105gb, but the truth is that's based on the average hours our employees were forced to work every week for the past seven years, not a result of the amount of content. If I'm being honest here, the game should only take a couple of days to complete, so don't get too excited about the installation size.”

This startling revelation did nothing to change the minds of gamers who were already unfazed by the first interview. “I couldn't give less of a fuck if their employees sacrificed their health and relationships to finished Read Dead 2,” writes user, xPhantomJustice420x, on an IGN article about the interview. “I've been waiting eight years for this game so this virtue signaling about forced labor doesn't interest me. Just give me my fucking game.”

While other users haven't been quite as explicit, PJ420's sentiment seems to echo throughout the gaming community. Many are tired of all these insights into the exhausting, thankless development of their favorite games, preferring simply to play and circlejerk about the experience on Reddit. Who cares about human rights violations when the game includes weather-induced fluctuation of horse testicle sizes? Certainly that level of detail is worth the abuse from employers.

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