TT Games Unwilling to Make LEGO: There Will Be Blood Even Though it Would Be GOTY

Despite sales of their titles waning to painfully low levels, TT Games is explicitly ignoring the one request fans have for a new entry in their Lego franchise.

Gamers everywhere are pining for grittier bricks. The general consensus is that the superhero and fantasy themes to which we've grown accustomed belong in the annals of our childhood. How can games ever expect to be taken seriously if developers won't answer the call to maturity? TT Games, in particular, is missing the opportunity of a lifetime to drill for the oil they'd be guaranteed to hit with LEGO: There Will Be Blood.

As a Lego fan, I hope you'll forgive good, old-fashioned, plain speaking. The heads of TT Games must be fucking insane for passing on a title that everyone so desperately wants. Take a look at everything that has released this year; the gaming industry is completely stagnant. We need something wholesome and spectacular to break up the monotony of shooters, Norse adventures, and battle royale clones. Nothing would serve us better, right now, than a mature Lego game.

Our protagonist would, of course, be Daniel Plainbrick. Accompanied by his son, H.W. Plainbrick, the two set off to scope out a lead offered up by Paul Sunday about oil on his family's property. Before departing, Daniel offers a stern warning to Paul after paying him for the lead, stating “If I travel all the way up there and find that you've been lying to me, I'm going to take more than my studs back. Is that all right with you?”

Already this sets up the game to be more narratively-rich than anything else in the Lego franchise. As the story progresses, players can hunt for quail and fish bodies out of pits when equipment falls in and kills workers. Switch control to Paul's brother, Eli (creepy pastor of the desperate-to-be-respected church of Little Brickston), and cast the devil's arthritis out of old ladies' hands. When your crew hits a gas pocket and your rig goes up in flames, run around the work site and break the cables securing the drilling tower.

All the most popular game mechanics would fit perfectly in LEGO: There Will Be Blood. A boss battle where you bitch slap and drag Eli through the mud. Quicktime events for learning sign language with H.W. followed by a stealth sequence where you abandon him on the train. Buy the surrounding properties and build an oil pipeline. You want collection? The minifigs you find could build different kinds of milkshakes. Like the menu at Olive Garden, the possibilities are endless.

So what's holding TT Games back? Surely they must understand the quality experience they can deliver with some or all of the examples mentioned above. Turns out no one at the studio has seen There Will Be Blood. Not a single employee. Eleven years that movie has been out and there are some who haven't even heard of it.

Shocking. Appalling.

Well when the requests for a Lego adaptation started to pour in, they must have all gotten together for a company movie night, right? Nope. Even with all the begging and pleading from fans they have no intention of watching the movie, let alone developing a game. Why? Because it's “too popular,” according to a senior project manager who asked to not be named.

Everyone in the office apparently has that annoying personality where they avoid partaking in any cultural phenomenon. Don't expect LEGO: Riverdale, on that note. Such a shame that they're choosing to snub their fanbase to appease their own egos. Maybe if the pressure continues to mount they'll see the light and make what would surely be the Game of the Year, if not Game of the Decade.

Don't be a bastard from a basket, TT Games. This is the only thing that gamers want and, like a proven well, it's guaranteed to make you rich. Swallow your collective pride and get to work.

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