Insomniac Removes Puddles from Upcoming Spider-Man Game Despite Fans' Collective Thirst

Gamers have been waiting for a quality Spider-Man title ever since 2004's Spider-Man 2 (aka the pinnacle of gaming), but Insomniac has sinister plans in store for those who desire a quenching.

In a shocking turn of events this week, Twitter users – known for their restraint in pitchfork-brandishing – revealed a pair of screenshots from the upcoming Spidey title that seem to indicate a “downgrade” in visuals since last year's trailer. Most heinous of all is the explicit downsizing of an innocent puddle, all but removed in the screenshot of the game's latest build. When presented with these hard facts, the official Insomniac Twitter account responded with a picture of their staff in bathing suits asking, “Who needs big puddles when we're already swimming in your tears?”

The response garnered further upset, but Insomniac's unapologetic attitude was unsurprising to those who remembered the trauma of The Witcher 3's visual downgrade in 2015. This continuing trend with developers is proving over and over that they're terrifyingly corrupt – so focused on creating fun experiences that they lose all concern for players who depend on games to look exactly the same between announcement and release. Anyone can tell you that The Witcher 3 was embarrassingly unpopular after the graphical change, resulting in millions of Polish dollars lost for CD Projekt Red. Insomniac will no doubt share their fate.

There's only one way to teach them a lesson and that's to cancel your pre-order. Do so before the release on September 7th or be complicit in #Puddlegate2018.

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