Marble Madness Remaster in the Works for H.P. Lovecraft Fans

Start honing those balancing skills and add another tally to the slew of Lovecraft-inspired video games on the horizon.

Slated for an October release to up the spooks, At the Marbles of Madness follows a team of researchers as they comb the depths of recently-uncovered Antarctic ruins. The twist? The researchers are all marbles, struggling to maintain their course on narrow platforms as they explore deeper, ever at risk of falling off the edge into the gaping maw of oblivion that taunts their perilous journey. The Elder Things harass players at every turn, Shoggoths impede every ramp. All manner of cosmic torments nip at the heels of the marbles as they roll, roll, roll onward into the terrible unknown, searching for answers as to what befell the previous inhabitants.

Possibly most chilling and ambitious for the remaster is the narration – each level shoutcasted in the gravely, unsettling tones of Jackie Earle Haley, a longtime fan of the original Marble Madness. His warnings and guidance will initially serve to help players navigate the eldritch gauntlet, but as they descend deeper into the ruins, his words will escalate into screams and groans, replacing any semblance of hope with incoherent terror. The true test for players will not be directing their marbles, but maintaining their grasp on sanity as the game works feverishly to disrupt their very understanding of what's real.

Pre-orders for the game will come with an exclusive vinyl consisting entirely of Jackie Earle Haley shrieking about otherworldly phantasms clawing at the back of his mind, tearing at his sense of reason and will to live. The special edition will also come with a quarter-sized marble that constantly changes patterns and vibrates randomly during the night, but no one can hear it except the owner. Currently Atari is trying to determine why all their QA testers keep disappearing before they release the game to the general public.

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