Infinity Ward and Treyarch Vying for Funding from Activision to Make Call of Duty: Space Force

No one will admit it, but Call of Duty has been starting to feel stale the past eight years. If only we had some sort of grandiose, asinine plan for our military that the next entry in the series could be based on.

Oh, hello Space Force. Have you met Infinity Ward and Treyarch? They're desperate for new ways to revitalize Call of Duty. Over there is their cousin, Sledgehammer Games, trying to get people interested in World War 2 even though we're too exhausted by the current, real-world Nazis to subject ourselves to the virtual ones. As for the first two, they're the ones trying to court you right now, but they need some money from Papa Activision to treat you right.

Picture it in your mind's eye, if you dare to dream. A Call of Duty filled not with action and stealth, combat and escape sequences, but parades and dick-measuring competitions. Instead of taking down an armored convoy, your unit is sent to Fox News to take down liberal snowflakes in an interview. The budget for your branch of the military is spent almost entirely on fancy uniforms and a parade in honor of the president. What a thrilling gaming experience that would be.

If Lady Luck is feeling generous that dream may soon be a reality as rumors are circulating that the next two developers in the Call of Duty cycle are trying to make their own Space Force title for the series. Whichever company Activision chooses, the real winner is the people. Get ready for a truly interactive experience as a trophy.

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