Out of Gaming Peripheral Options, Streamer Poised to Beat Dark Souls With Blender

Guitar controller? Yawn. Dance pad? Child's play. Voice commands? A coward's tactic. A blender with limited settings? Now that's Dark Souls.

Not to be outdone by the notorious bearzly, popular Twitch streamer, Triss Merigold Bond, is about to finish the first-ever playthrough of Dark Souls with a blender. Even more impressive, the blender she's using only has six buttons, two of which are sticky and often non-responsive. After a grueling week of playing and almost giving up twice, this could be the best non-traditional-controller-run of Dark Souls in history.

Going above and beyond traditional support, some in Merigold Bond's Twitch chat are promising to name their next child after her, regardless of whether or not she finishes the game. After only the first day playing, her average number of viewers shot from around 10 a day to over 27 million, with most major news networks simply abandoning their lineups to broadcast her stream. The subscriptions and donations have been so overwhelming that Triss has had to start funneling the money directly into various charities to avoid a nightmare tax situation.

At the time of this writing she is still facing off against the game's final boss – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder – and can't decided between a defensive stir tactic or an aggressive ice crush approach. As veteran viewers of the stream are already aware, the liquefy button has been the most powerful, but also the most unpredictable as it keeps sticking, with Triss deciding early on not to attempt using it during any boss battles. Even users in the chat can't decide what method she should use to take down Gwyn.

Many thought her run was going to end much earlier during the encounter with Ornstein and Smough, but she blew everyone away during her second attempt with a glorious grate and grind combo. Needless to say, Triss is a very talented Souls player and it will be exciting to see what game and peripheral she chooses next.

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