Hello Games Pleasantly Surprised by Eight New Copies of No Man's Sky Sold After Latest Update

Employees at Hello Games will get to pack roasted turkey instead of bologna for lunch this month.

Studio founder, Sean Murray, took to infrequently-used video streaming app, Periscope, this weekend to discuss how things were going after the latest update for No Man's Sky. Dubbed Next, the update adds some insignificant feature called “multiplayer” that some players were expecting for some reason after it was promised for the game's release. It's unclear why anyone even wanted to encounter other players in an endless, procedurally-generated universe rather than wander alone forever (like the opening minute and 42 seconds of Gorillaz's “M1 A1” on a loop), but here we are.

Around six people tuned in for the stream which is almost as many copies of the game that sold after the update, according to Murray. At one point he showed off a sales chart that was clearly made in Microsoft Paint, explaining that this is the first month since release that No Man's Sky hasn't been refunded to anyone on Steam. “In fact, all of us at the studio are getting matching tattoos of the number eight to celebrate all the copies the Next update helped sell,” he said at one point. “But there's still some time left in the month. I don't want to sound like a loony, but maybe that eight will turn into a nine. Or a ten. No, no, now I'm being silly.”

This is the first time since the game's launch that anyone has seen Murray with a smile on his face. Many will remember he went dark after the release due to backlash from players who had the unreasonable expectations of developers delivering what they promised. Perhaps, finally, the somehow-still-getting-paid employees of Hello Games can rest easy with bankruptcy delayed for the foreseeable two or three weeks.

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