Blizzard Developing Diablo III VR to Traumatize People With Claustrophobia

There's no better way to deal with your fears than to face them, so who better to help with claustrophobia than the developer best known for throwing hordes of enemies at players?

Inside sources have shared that one of the two secret projects Blizzard is working on will be Diablo III in VR. If you're scratching your head about the idea of a top-down game in virtual reality, get ready to clench. Hacking of encrypted emails have revealed the game will actually be first-person – a complete gameplay change for any entries in the Diablo series. After the leaks were posted online, Blizzard was quick to issue a statement defending their flagrant disregard for sticking with the same mechanics of the previous titles.

“Everything we do here at Blizzard is in the interest of helping people,” explains Diablo III Director, Jay Wilson. “We're not really concerned with whether or not our games are fun. Most of the people who work here don't even play video games, if you want to know the truth. With this VR project we're developing, our goal is to throw claustrophobic players right into the deep end of their fear so they can come out on the other side ready to tackle whatever crowds life throws at them.”

Wilson's statement also included some tentative plans for expansions to their VR project.

“With the holidays coming up, people are in a shopping mood, and there's no bigger, more crowded, self-induced, cultural embarrassment of a day than Black Friday,” he muses. “Players can look forward to fighting off hellspawn who are hell-bent on beating everyone to those cheap crock-pots, unfazed by any trampling they do in the process. By the time players finish that DLC, they'll be prepared to take on anyone at Walmart.”

A second idea they're still mapping out is a Sanctuary version of Coachella, with Belial as a headliner. “You'll be crushed by the crowd of his minions dancing and pushing you closer and closer towards the most pit,” Wilson laughs. “Who needs a cow level with an experience like that?”

Players can look forward to traumatizing themselves some time this fall.

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