Not One for Fancy Words: Red Dead Fans Unimpressed by Vocabulary of New Protagonist

Everyone knows Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel, but no one expected this far of a step back.

Maybe pursuing an education is part of the campaign, but right now things are not looking good for Rockstar's latest foray into the open west. Murdering, stealing, racing, camping – all great fun. Sounding like a fucking yokel in the process? Hard pass, according to reactions from Thursday's gameplay reveal.

Say goodbye to the scraggly, dulcet tones of John Marston and his five-dollar words. Arthur Morgan – a fittingly-white name to go with the blond hair and blue eyes – doesn't say much in the new trailer, uttering only a few lines that are nothing short of simple. Sure, reading was an ability few had during the game's time period, but players don't want to don the role of a meathead during their lawless adventures. They want a smart criminal, an educated outlaw, a learned felon.

After the success of the first Red Dead Redemption, it's a shame to see Rockstar spit in the face of their loyal fans by designing a troglodyte protagonist. Already GameStop and Amazon have sent emails to those who pre-ordered the new game, offering a link to cancel. With the release date so soon, it will be interesting to see if the developer scrambles to patch the game with a new character or accepts that this is the hill they die on.

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