Rockstar Adding Regular Jobs to GTA 5 so Players Get Bored and Buy Red Dead Redemption 2

With no end in sight for the popularity of Grand Theft Auto 5's online multiplayer, the NYC-based developer is desperate for a way to get people focused on their next game.

From the moment the servers were turned on, Rockstar has focused on wild, explosive, crime-filled updates for GTA 5. Rob this, destroy that, flee the scene – such chaos and glorification of taunting the law has nauseated players for years. All that will soon be changing as the developer is finally listening to fan requests and adding normal, respectable career options for multiplayer.

Tired of planning heists? Start planning PowerPoint presentations. Exhausted by your run-ins with the law? Wear yourself out with the tedium of fulfilling food orders for ungrateful customers. Sick of jacking cars? Cure yourself with the wonders of public transportation and all its ready-to-snap passengers. Whatever your qualms with the criminal life, Rockstar has a mundane alternative to quell your thirst for propriety.

A beta test will be rolling out soon, offering a taste of some of the infuriating customer service and soul-crushing corporate jobs that will be offered. A press release from Rockstar explains that the careers themselves are working flawlessly, but the 401K systems are glitchy when players try to set up matching contributions with their employer. They're also still debating what wanted level to issue players who are reported for sexual harassment in the workplace, torn between one and two stars.

Despite the level of work left to do, the developer is confident they'll have a full release out before Red Dead Redemption 2. Their ultimate goal is to slowly replace all the normal freedom of the classic multiplayer with the boring content, ensuring players get frustrated with all that they asked for and buy the new game. If the plan fails, Rockstar will undoubtedly go bankrupt as no one is interested in buying Red Dead when the GTA 5 servers are still running.

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