IGN, Unsure How to Deal with Plagiarism, Tries to Peek at Other Companies' Employee Polices

There's a lot to consider when an employee blatantly steals content and violates a universal rule, so let's give IGN the space they need to think.

Well known for their handling of policy violations such as sexual harassment, IGN has found themselves in a pickle with their Nintendo editor after he was caught plagiarizing a review. The game in question, Dead Cells, has been scoring incredibly well everywhere, but apparently the editor couldn't bring himself to partake in – and have original thoughts about – the experience.

IGN quickly pulled the review from their site when the allegations began spreading and posted a generic, non-apology to assuage frustrations. While this bare minimum action is certainly appreciated, some kooky folks who expect better of journalists are wondering what will happen to this editor. The answer seems to be peepin' other policies since IGN can't find theirs.

What happened to their rule book is anyone's guess, but right now it's the wild west in those offices. Already their editors are looking for new content to steal, unfazed by the threat of article deletion. If only some fellow game journalism company would let IGN copy their policies while the teacher isn't looking.

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