Now That the Black Sarcophagus is Open, Can We Get Those Daily Bugle Doors in Spider-Man 2 Unlocked?

I still refuse to believe there aren't hidden costumes behind those damn doors.

You know the doors, right? The ones down the long hallway that teased you every time you looked at them. With all the things to find and collect in that game, there's no way they were purely cosmetic. If you'll recall, the original Spider-Man games on the first Playstation had tons of costumes you could switch to, and the adaptation of the first movie let you play as Green Goblin. My point? Those doors in the Daily Bugle were, and continue to be, the biggest cock tease in gaming.

Forget the sarcophagus; obviously someone left their family locked inside on a hot day while they were shopping. No one cares. There are players out there who manage to find every secret the games they play have to offer, even if it means exploiting some glitch or deciphering cryptic clues left by the developers. Someone found the soccer ball in Halo 2. Someone found warp whistle in Super Mario Bros 3. Someone found the creepy picture of Rebecca in Wesker's desk in Resident Evil 2. That last one is upsetting.

Now it's time to open those Bugle doors. Is it filled with costumes? Is it filled with the snack version of Bugles? Is it like the archway Sirius Black falls into? Or is it simply a closet full of pictures of Spider-Man for J. Jonah Jameson to scream at?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

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