Lie Your Way to the White House in this Sims 4 Presidential Candidate Expansion

After you're bored making your Sims find love and procreate, abandon your family and hit the campaign trail for a chance at fame and scandal.

Travel coast to coast giving empty, impassioned speeches that garner donations and rile up opponents. Pick a slogan that's immediately parodied and film some attack ads that cite outdated or misquoted information. Send all your own Tweets until you make a typo or Retweet an account with a history of racist posts and then blame the mistake on an intern. Most importantly, choose your team.

Democrat or Republican – they're both garbage options but don't choose Independent or you'll lose immediately and have to hang out with Gary Johnson who doesn't know shit about foreign policy. Choose Democrat and promise Wall Street regulations while taking monthly donations from big banks. Choose Republican and demand a small government that stays out of your business while condemning gay marriage and bodily autonomy for women. Or choose Democrat and vote for pointless wars to appear strong and then apologize for it years later after thousands of innocents have died. Or choose Republican and aggressively preach about family values before getting caught fucking your male intern while your wife and kids wait for you to get home from work.

Either way you're in for a lifelong career of corruption and hypocrisy, so put on your best phony smile and overpriced suit, you villain; it's election season.

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