A&E Rebooting Hoarders for RPG Players Who Never Use Their Potions

After years off the air, A&E is bringing back their popular TV show, Hoarders, to address the growing number of gamers who are letting their inventories get out of control.

Stocking up for boss battles is a practice of the past, but RPG players can't seem to help themselves from grabbing every colorful concoction they come across. Mostly sneaking and avoiding large battles? Better grab that stamina potion. Sleeping for an hour to recover your health? These vitality draughts will come in handy. Playing as a warrior and rarely using magic? Definitely stock up on mana recovery.

The reboot's showrunners are hoping to break the compulsive collecting habits of these gamers, not only to improve their quality of life, but to restore the world inventory for non-playable characters everywhere. Too often are NPCs left without options to heal themselves or recover from exhaustion because the “hero” who keeps coming to town won't stop looting people's shit. Thousands of nameless, repetitively-modeled characters have died off screen because of greedy gamers.

The 13-episode run will be a good first step towards addressing this sensitive issue in the gaming community. “Player inventories are lousy with minor potions that are dustier than a Wii U,” says Executive Prouder, Mike Sheyford. “Moving forward we may be able to shave these RPGs from 80 hours down to around 10 or 20 with players focused on the missions instead of looting elixirs they never touch.”

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