The New Dr. Mario Game Would be More Fun if Pfizer Stopped Raising Drug Prices

There's a new Dr. Mario in the works and it's gonna be a blast while you can afford to keep playing.

Early trailers of the game have been exciting, showing off brilliant new graphics and an expanded color palette of pills. The titular Dr. Mario himself now pops into the game for less than ten minutes and mails you a $300 bill for an office visit. All in all it's incredibly realistic, but maybe too much so for some.

The available demo really shows the limitations of the game as you can only play for about twenty minutes before pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, issues a statement that their drug prices are going up. What that means for players is limited access to the pills needed for fighting off each infection. Nintendo is introducing microtransactions to keep the drugs coming, but once you max out that credit card it's game over.

Those price hikes keep happening so there's no way to tell if it's possible to beat the game unless you're a CEO of some kind. Oh, and the bills from Dr. Mario? He'll send you to collections if you don't pay them within six months.

Good luck!

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