Jam City Updating Hogwarts Mystery to Let You Drop Out and Work in Hogsmeade

The loans you took out for all those robes and books are due. It's time to get serious and start working.

Finally ready to listen to player requests, Hogwarts Mystery developer, Jam City, is pushing out an update in the coming weeks to let you take your character out of Hogwarts and find a career. Tired of foolish wand-waving and silly incantations? Perfect! Grab a tray and start serving butterbeer to all the snobs too good to drink at Hog's Head Inn. Or, if you're looking for something more tedious, why not stock shelves at Zonko's Joke Shop?

There are several options available but you'll have to start in Hogsmeade since you don't have any money to move further away. Didn't really think this through, did ya? All that time you spent building friendships? Wasted. No one wants to associate with a Hogwarts dropout. People are only nice to Hagrid because he might snap and set a bunch of dangerous creatures loose if they bully him too much.

Unfortunately Hogwarts has no GED program, so if you want to go back to school you'll have to start the game over with a new character or wait until the also-announced “Families” update that will allow you to have children you can play as. Where you'll find someone who wants to procreate with a wizarding-world dropout is the real Hogwarts Mystery here.

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