Could Waluigi be the New Supreme Court Justice?

A Russia-influenced election, consistent corruption, endless scandal, and inhumane policies - all could be forgiven if the president can unite the Senate on this crucial vote.

Rumors from the White House about Trump’s top choice to replace Justice Kennedy have Nintendo fans excited for the first time in years. Still salty from the latest Super Smash Bros. betrayal, they’ve flocked to Twitter and made #JusticeWaluigi the top trend in the U.S. the past 24 hours. As a constant user of the platform, surely the president has taken notice.

While it’s unclear what Waluigi’s political stance is on anything at all, his popularity is unquestionably bipartisan. Selecting him as a justice would not only be the first good decision Trump has made during his term, but it would go a long way towards healing the pain Nintendo has repeatedly caused fans. A vote for Waluigi is a vote for true gamers and intellectuals everywhere.

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