Devolver Digital Delivers Demure Demonstration

After months of backlash in 2017, most notably from the hosts of The View, Devolver Digital gave a more mature E3 presentation this week, removing all the profanity and gore that made last year's spectacle so controversial.

A source from inside Devolver – who wished to remain unnamed – said that Fork Parker was furious after last year's presentation. The event cost the publisher billions in stocks, resulting in massive layoffs and studio closures which Parker had to see to personally. He also lost his winter home in Nassau, sacrificing the property to keep the company afloat.

Some say conference host, Nina Struthers, was hit hardest of all. When the reactions and condemnation came pouring in after last year's show, Struthers suffered a psychotic break, checking herself into a mental rehab facility for six months. But, like a no-nonsense phoenix rising from the ashes, she was back to host this year's show, calm, cool, and completely professional.

The reactions, so far, have been positive. Even the hosts of The View were impressed with the company's newfound maturity, offering to bring Parker and Struthers on as guests. Devolver has been quiet about their plans for next year, but it's safe to expect a sane, mild, standard presentation.

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