Square Enix Shows Off Variety of Games for Children Trapped in Adult Bodies

An exciting showcase from Square Enix, debuting trailers for games played by preteens and adults who like games for preteens.

Monica scoots to the edge of her seat, nervously clutching her latest YA novel borrowed from the library as the Square Enix conference begins. This is the moment she and an uncomfortable amount of adults have been waiting for – a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. To her surprise and delight there's nonstop cringe – between the music, voice acting, and the fact that it's a game that's basically the imagination of a 7-year-old – which is so, so brand new for the series.

Andre, on the other hand, is pumped for Just Cause 4 – a game with a nonsense story and lots of things to blow up for little boys who like to destroy. He'll be taking the day off from work to play if he doesn't get fired first for pulling his coworker Stacy's hair and running away. That's only happened twice, so he should be in the clear.

Overall an impressive showing from Square Enix. Video games are too infrequently decried for their immaturity, so it's great to see a big publisher ensure gamers continue to be scoffed at for their hobby.

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