Players Devastated by Lack of Rabbids Integration with Upcoming Ubisoft Titles

Ubisoft has solidified their role as enemy developer of the people in today's show of disrespect and disservice.

In a stunning blow to gamers everywhere, Ubisoft concluded their E3 2018 conference with only one Rabbids announcement: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure DLC (or MRKBDKA for those wanting an acronym that's harder to spit out than the full name).

Nothing short of a middle finger to fans, Ubisoft's latest development stunt has left players furious and shaken to their core. Those expecting a Splinter Cell reboot with a Rabbid replacing the iconic Sam Fisher have deleted their social media accounts, humiliated by the predictions they made in the weeks leading up to the show. The same goes for those anticipating Rabbids Raid in The Division 2.

How this irresponsible move will impact Ubisoft stocks has yet to be determined, but it's safe to say those holding any should dump ASAP. Expect some major shakeups and layoffs in the coming weeks.

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