Bioware Hoping No One Notices Anthem Footage is the Same as Last Year

Still unwilling to admit their new IP is Earth Defense Force mixed with Destiny, Bioware fills press conference time with discussion panel instead of new gameplay footage.

Trying his best to quell concerns, Bioware General Manager, Casey Hudson, offered the following explanation, barely audible over the booing crowd:

“Don't you all get exhausted by these open-world games? There's too much to do, too many places to go. We want to give you something compact – fun-sized, if you will. Anthem covers an area roughly the size of Madison, Wisconsin, which is important because your jetpack runs out of fuel very quickly and there's no fast travel to get you back to base. There are 36 missions and 2,462 enemies total. We think this is the best option for a game that will have barely any story. You should be able to finish it the weekend it comes out.”

Those lucky enough to attend E3 were able to play a demo of Anthem's first 45 minutes – or 27% of the game – and were thoroughly whelmed by the average combat. “Anthem is shaping up to be everything we were unimpressed about last year and nothing more,” said Megan Fischer after her time with game. “I'm excited I only have to wait until February to stop pretending it has potential.”

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