E3 Hype: Gamers Excited for Announcements of Games That Have Already Been Leaked

E3 starts this weekend and players are pumped to watch the press conferences for no new information.

More of a flood than series of leaks at this point, gamers are undeterred. “I already know the title, setting, and plot of every game set to be announced at E3, but I can’t wait to hear the developers really say it with their mouths instead of scramble with their Twitter accounts,” says Alec Barden. “There’s something exciting about watching hours of streams with poorly-synced audio to learn about what I already know, you know?”

Viewers can expect to see every developer in a jeans, t-shirt, blazer combo, Aisha Tyler getting attacked in various comment sections online for being a woman talking about games, and trailers for sports games no one cares about because they look exactly the same as the previous iteration.

Coverage starts today at 11am PT/2pm ET.

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