Bethesda Announces Fallout 76 - The Next Online RPG You’ll Stop Playing After a Month

Basking in the success of The Elder Scrolls Online - the MMORPG everyone forgets exists until an expansion is announced - Bethesda has decided to underwhelm with their post-apocalyptic franchise by announcing development of Fallout 76.

Despite all the mods in Fallout 4 to make it better, 76 will focus on the barely-utilized crafting system of the previous entry. Clearly Bethesda has been listening to the criticisms of more linearity in each Fallout and Elder Scrolls sequel as 76 takes place only twenty years after the war, allowing players to create their own world. On his personal blog, Bethesda Executive Producer, Todd Howard, posted the following after the reveal of 76, seemingly in response to those criticisms:

“Our quests aren’t open enough for you anymore? Fine. Make them yourself, you ungrateful fucks. Make the bases AND the story so you can see how hard our job is! Craft a city AND A GODDAMN COMPELLING NARRATIVE AND CALL ME WHEN IT’S FUCKING DONE!”

Fallout 76 will have a full reveal during E3. For a preview of the disappointment to expect, dust off your copy of The Elder Scrolls Online - or Tamriel Unlimited or whatever the hell it’s called - and try to find people to play with. Then pretend to make a fort with furniture and other objects you don’t care to interact with. Boom. Fallout 76.

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