Battlefield V Reveal Trailer Has the Audacity to Not Feature a White Man

Battlefield fans are understandably concerned about the lack of representation for white men after first glimpse of the new game.

After weeks of anticipation and solving puzzles in Battlefield 1, white, male gamers are devastated to learn that people different than themselves will be represented in the upcoming game. Despite there still being characters that fit their demographic in the trailer, these gamers can’t help but feel robbed and ignored after having to spend time looking at a woman soldier. Even worse, said woman had a prosthetic arm, so apparently we have to fucking care about disabilities now. Are there going to be wheelchair ramps to get into the tanks? Outrageous.

"It's about historical accuracy," Neckbeard Jones explains. "I mean, sure, you mow down hundreds of enemies as a single soldier, can sprint without getting fatigued, and can get shot multiple times without reacting before you actually die, but women? Apparently this is Battlefield Vagina, not Battlefield 5. Pass."

There’s still plenty of time before the game’s release for developer, Dice, to get their act together and make a better game that’s less inclusive. White, male gamers are quite fragile so it’s important that developers have little to no diversity on their teams, let alone in their games. Obviously this upcoming installment in the series will be COMPLETELY ruined if this isn’t addressed.

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