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Billy Mitchell Hires Michael Cohen in Battle with Twin Galaxies to Solidify Role as Villain

April 19, 2018

Ever the antagonist in the Donkey Kong saga, Billy Mitchell has taken an extreme step in order to resurrect his high scores with Twin Galaxies.


Accused of submitting illegitimate high scores for Donkey Kong using an emulator, Mitchell is preparing to prove his innocence with new documentation which will also be fabricated. Inspired by his popularity in the media, Mitchell is enlisting the help of questionable-degree lawyer Michael Cohen.


Well known for defending clients who make baseless claims and provide poorly-thought-out “evidence” that tends to backfire, Cohen says this time things will be different. “When the documentation we’re providing is immediately proven to be fake, I promise not to turn on Mitchell like I’ll soon be doing with Trump.”


Twin Galaxies spokesperson, Gina Aluth, responded to the news on Twitter with a winking emoji.


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