Bioware Doubling Down on Finding Crystal Shards in Switch Port of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Does everyone remember than crystal-collecting simulator Bioware released in 2014? Well holy shit are they not done yet.

I don’t even remember the other missions that Dragon Age: Inquisition had to offer, at this point. To this day my waking hours are haunted by recollections of shard-collection. The mere mention of crystal shards yanks me back to those nightmare errand missions that ruined my holiday break, senior year of college. Somehow I managed to slog through and find every last one, but not without creating deep, everlasting emotional scars. Three years later I had started to let my guard down, convinced that I was safe, but here we are.

Fascinated by the excessive repackaging of exhausted titles porting to Switch, Bioware has decided to get their dick wet with Inquisition. Soon you'll be able to bring the tedium of lazy collection quests everywhere you go. Even better, in order to obtain the highly-non-coveted shards you'll have to yank the Joy-Con in an upward motion. Every. Single. Time.

The disappointing, fantasy chore-simulator will be ported this holiday season.

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