Humongous Games Resurrected to Reboot Pajama Sam with No Need to Hide When There Are Nazis Outside

Game developers are joining the political battle with Humongous Games back from the dead and leading the charge.

Despite the acquisition of their titles for re-release by Night Dive Studios, a rogue band of former Humongous developers are rebooting their most popular titles, all with a political twist. The first, No Need to Hide When There Are Nazis Outside, follows a more world-weary Pajama Sam as he navigates his way through the dark forests of white supremacy and fascism, this time around collecting protest signs instead of socks.

Humongous is hopeful that their unique style of gameplay will help educate players and get them passionate about fighting social injustices through the magic of point-and-click. Following the reboot of Pajama Sam, the team plans to develop Putt Putt Goes to Washington and Freddi Fish 6: The Case of Russian Interference.

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