Team17 to Develop Another Worms Game That No One is Asking For

You know how those Worms games change so much between titles, adding fabulous new content and gameplay mechanics? Well, regardless, there's another in the works, so get ready for more sassy worms – with your choice of accent – firing missiles more inaccurate than North Korea's.

Sheep? Check. Bazookas? Check. Grappling ropes? Check. It's almost as though all the usable items are the same...because they are. Surely the setting is different this time around, though. Sure isn't. Once again your worms will be waging war on some misshapen mound of dirt in the sewer or outside of a carnival, or something ridiculous.

Absolutely nothing has changed in this upcoming installment. If someone was playing the game in front of you right now, you wouldn't even know that it's new, but dammit if they're not charging $40 for the game and $30 for the season pass.

So go ahead and order us some floppy Pizza Hut and boot up Worms; it's gonna be a weekend of regrets.

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