Middle School Student Creates Perfect Mashup of Kingdom Hearts Battles Set to Evanescence Tracks

Stepparents are the worst, aren't they? At least Stephanie has her own computer so she can hide in her room and make these sweet mashups.

Runescape is old news. Kingdom Hearts is coming back. And no one really stopped listening to Evanescence, did they? Exactly. That's why Stephanie's music videos are gonna get so many views – tens of views, at least. This latest one she made might legitimately be perfect.

Once her mom and her stepdad, Mark, see how popular her videos are, maybe they'll leave her alone about finding real friends instead of the ones she meets online. But no one will ever compare to her friends from the Kingdom Hearts forums.

Jason is the coolest guy on the forum, in case you're wondering. And, like, no one gets Stephanie – like, really gets her – as much as he does. He's always the first one to watch her mashups, and sometimes he watches them more than once. His are never quite as good, but she would never say that to him because he's basically perfect. If only Mark let her stay up later so they could chat on the forum longer.

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