All Those Jinjos You Collected in Banjo Kazooie Were Looking for Work, but You Kidnapped Them

You can't be blamed entirely, of course, seeing as everything else in that game was up for grabs, but maybe engaging those Jinjos in conversation before shoving them in your backpack wouldn't have been a bad idea.

Jigsaw pieces, music notes, eggs, feathers, honeycombs. So many things to collect on your way to defeat Gruntilda and save Tooty, it's no wonder that you'd collect some things you shouldn't along the way. Too bad those things were innocent Jinjos looking for work. Too bad those innocent Jinjos lost a week's pay after you shoved them in your backpack to carry around for the duration of your adventure. Did you even feed them?

From now on, if something is alive, at least ask if it needs anything before you abduct it, lest you risk the Liam Neeson of Jinjos coming after you.

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