Spyro is Back, but the Bear Who Used to Exchange Favors for Gems Now Only Accepts Bitcoin

Remember that jerk, Moneybags? Well now he's going to be even harder to deal with as you'll have to buy stock in Bitcoin.

The Spyro games used to be simple: collect eggs or orbs to unlock other worlds, and collect some gems for currency along the way. Most of the time you didn't need those gems, but every so often you'd run into pop-culture's least favorite bear, Moneybags, demanding payment to lower a bridge or grant you access to a location he certainly had no legal claim over. Everything about the relationship was unscrupulous and inappropriate, but there wasn't a single cop in the whole Spyro universe to help shut him down, so all you could do was take the abuse.

This time will be even worse because Moneybags is now demanding a financial source as shady as he is. Who even uses Bitcoin for anything other than drugs and identity theft? Obviously Moneybags was bad before, but it's never been more obvious that he's got something illegal planned.

Hopefully Anonymous will take him down.

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