New VR Game Simulates the Thrill of Getting Catcalled on Your Walk Home

The most exciting part for women of walking around downtown is being talked to by strange men, at least according to VR developer, Blendo Games.

“We want to capture all the best parts of street harassment,” explains Blendo Games Lead Designer, Mark Tufford. “Characters in the game will range from guys walking around with garbage bags slung over their shoulder to guys sitting on steps and smoking.”

The game, What? You're Too Good to Talk to Me?, places you in the role of Cathy, a young woman who lives in walking distance to work. From the comfort of your own living room, you'll get to strap on a VR set and see the world through Cathy's eyes as men – who would otherwise ignore you if you weren't alone – suggest that you smile and ask what time it is even though they're wearing a watch.

“People like thrills,” Tufford continues, “and there's nothing more unsettling than not knowing if a situation is going to escalate if you don't respond and keep walking. Now you'll be able to experience this bit of everyday terror from the comfort of your own home.”

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