Humiliating: Jennifer's Mom Won't Let Her Use the 'Motherlode' Cheat Code, so Her Si

Jennifer's mom doesn't believe in cheat codes and that hard work is the only acceptable way to manage a Sims family. How ridiculous.

Everyone else gets to play Sims however they want. Becky's Sims live in a mansion, as do her Sims' servants. Her Sims have servants! Todd's Sims have so much money they own three houses, all with the most comfortable beds available. But Jennifer's Sims? Well, let's just say a new bar has been set for virtual social standing, or lack thereof.

Certainly there's a lot to learn from Jennifer's situation, and she has to be commended for toughing it out, but when her Sims are taking turns sleeping on the couch because they can't afford a bed for everyone, some would suggest it's time to find a new game. Did anyone even know that you can wash paper plates in this game? Pathetic.

“No one ever wants her to join when we have group projects,” tells Ashley Davis, a classmate of Jennifer's whose Sims were able to retire at age 27 with their immense wealth. “It's like, what would we even talk to her about? She, like, might as well be playing a different game with how few options her Sims have. I kind of feel bad, but at the same time, she needs to get it together before her Sims start having kids; that's not a healthy environment for fake children to grow up in.”

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