Inspiring: These CS:GO Players Started a Men's Rights Charity All on Their Own

Not content to sit around while the world continued to ignore them, seven avid Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players have taken justice into their own hands to make their voices heard with a new foundation. Dubbed, Countering Slights: Global Offenses Against Men (CS:GOAM), the charity is the first in the area to bring men together to discuss their at-risk rights.

Despite having trouble figuring out what those rights are, the group is seeking to expand beyond its current home in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently filing for tax exempt status.

“There are a lot of costs involved with spreading a message and bringing people together,” CS:GOAM Treasurer, Mark Smith, explains. He exudes confidence with his fedora and cargo shorts that go down past the knees. “We have to pay for social media, pamphlets, and gas for my mom's minivan that we use to pick everyone up. There's also a rental fee for the room we use at the YMCA. People usually bring their own snacks and drinks, but it would be nice to have a budget for cups so we're not all drinking out of the same Dr. Pepper bottle every time.”

“And let's not forget the main thing that brought us together,” Social Media Manager, Gavin Stewart, chimes in. “We pay for our own CS:GO server to play during the meetings to make sure no SJWs are in game with us. There's nothing more toxic to a support group than people trying to invalidate our struggle.”

CS:GOAM meets every Thursday night at 7:00pm unless Smith's mother gets out of work late, in which case it'll probably be around 8:30 or so, depending on how quickly she can make dinner.

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