Fus Ro Dorable: These Lovebirds Met at Starbucks After Both Ordering Drinks Under the Name Dovahkiin

Dennis and Mandy keep interrupting each other and laughing as they try to figure out who should tell their story first. They're in separate computer chairs, but they sit close and hold hands, each with a cat in their laps that they recently adopted.

“You should tell it,” Dennis giggles. “You tell it best.”

Mandy pets her cat, Lydia, and shrugs. “Okay. Well, it was a normal Tuesday for me. I got up at 12:30 and my mom started giving me a hard time about looking for a job, and I just wasn't awake enough to listen to her, so I grabbed some cash from her purse and took the bus to Starbucks.”

“I was already there,” Dennis chimes in. “I go pretty often to work on my Computer Science homework. I'm taking online classes so I can get a better job than the one I have right now at Best Buy and move out of my dad's apartment. I heard Mandy ordering, and when she told them her name was Dovahkiin, like I did, I just couldn't believe it. I knew she was the one.”

After two months of dating, they're ready to start planning their lives together.

“We spend most of our time here,” Mandy says, in reference to the apartment. “But Dennis's dad only has one TV so I can usually only play Skyrim when Dennis is at work. When he gets home I watch him play.”

Dennis nods. “Once we get our own place we can each have our own setup and play together with our little Khajiits” he says, holding up his own cat, J'zargo. “There's just so much to do in that game. So many places to explore. I can't wait to start our journey together.”

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