CD Projekt Red Reveals Plan for Cyberpunk 2077 to Only Have Sex Scenes When Your Mom is in the Room

Announced in 2012, fans of The Witcher series have been hounding developer, CD Projekt Red, for updates on their upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077, and today one of those updates has come. Lead Designer, Mike Pondsmith, has shared his favorite new feature of the game on his personal blog, and fans are going crazy.

“We want to do something no other developer has done before, and that's to create quests that are affected not just by your character's actions, but by your real life environment as well,” he writes. “We're partnering with companies like Amazon and Samsung to have the game change based on who's in the room with you.”

The plan is to have the software of the game feed off of the cameras and voice-recognition of the player's hardware in their home. Most notably, when a player's mother enters the room, the game will be designed to pause whatever is happening and switch to a graphic scene of two or more characters having sex somewhere in the Cyberpunk universe. “You may know them from a quest, but most likely they'll be characters you never meet,” Pondsmith explains.

Some members of the gaming community who still live with their parents have expressed outrage over the proposed mechanic, claiming they won't ever feel comfortable playing, but Pondsmith has already written a followup blog post to address these concerns.

“People like to be scared,” he defends. “It's why horror movies are so popular. We enjoy uncomfortable experiences because they turn into our favorite stories to share, and I can't think of anything more uncomfortable than my mom walking in on me watching a sex scene in a game. We already have huge cast of voice actors and an incredibly vulgar script. I can't wait to hear our fans share all the embarrassing situations they end up in.”

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